StrummA is the brand name for our range of instruments including, StrummA Stick Dulcimers, Cigar Box Guitars, Cigar Box Guitar Kits and Guitars.

StrummA Stick Dulcimers

Pick it up and Play!
No Wrong Notes!
3 models available Travel, Folk and Blues.

Includes padded bag, Instruction book, song book and pick

StrummA Cigar Box Guitars
Hand made in the UK
Choice of boxes.
Choice of neck and fretboard woods.
Diatonic or chromatic fretting.

StrummA Cigar Box Guitar Kits and Parts
Make your own cigar box guitar using our quality parts and wood blanks.

StrummA Guitars
Our Union Jack Semi Acoustic Guitar - Wicked!
Customise your Guitars
Customise your guitar usinng a process called Hydro Graphics.
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